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        As one of transformer suppliers to global market and ISO 9001:2000 certificated company, YUANXING consistently acts as an environment protector and devotes to developing and maintaining business, design and production process which are all under control, to providing best service to global customers. YUANXING's environment management system accords with the government rule,international standard and client requirements.
        EU constitutes a new law (Directive 2002/95/EC) to restrict electrical and electronic equipment with injurant put on the markets, which take effect from 1 July, 2006, According to RoHS, following injurant contents are restricted:
                                  cadmium (Cd)
                                  hexavalent chromium (Cr+6)
                                  poly-brominated biphenyls(PBB)
                                  polybrominated diphenyl ethers(PBDE)
        YUANXING is consistently performing RoHS instruction. At July 31th of 2006, all our exported products have been compliant to RoHS requirements, and at June 30th of 2007, all products had been met RoHS.