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 Power Monitoring Device\Multi Function Power Monitoring Device

  Product General
    ● EM300A Intelligent Network Power Meters is one intelligent panel meter which sets
       telemetering,telesignalisation into one body, and can be used widely for substation automation,
       distribution automation, intelligent building, and electric energy measurement, management
       and check of the enterprise.
       EM300A Intelligent Network Power Meters can measure and display all the common power
       parameters (such as  voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, frequency, four quadrant
       power and so on), and switching value input. This meter can communicate digitally with upper
       computer to form intelligent distribution system together.

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Typical Products
Photograph Part Number

Outline Dimensions

EM300A -1 96-96-60
EM300A -2 96-96-71
EM300A -3 120-120-82